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Good ideas need a tried and true process to move them forward and bring them to fruition.

meet for a chat


We want to learn as much about you and your business as we can. Forgive us ahead of time - we ask a lot of questions. We want to know what your goals are and your plans to get there. We want to hear your ideas and discuss the specific project that you had in mind.


provide quote and contract

We’ll review and define the parameters of your project and within 3 business days, provide you with a custom quote. Once you review, and, fingers crossed, approve, we’ll send you over a contract to sign that will explain the nitty-gritty.


create a workbook schedule

We will create and share with you an achievable work-back schedule. This allows us to schedule all phases of your project from the end date (deadline) backwards and will assist us in keeping your project on track and moving forward.


research, brainstorm, & initial sketches

Here’s where the real fun begins - we spend time researching your business and your marketplace to learn as much as we can. Then, we brainstorm to come up with ideas and concepts. From those, we will create ‘sketches’ of possible directions and we’ll refine those into some solid options to present to you.


present initial work

We present to you the options we’ve come up with - we will explain our thinking and why we think each option has potential. Your first reactions are great - we want to hear them. However, it’s good to take away what we’ve presented, show your friends and family and sleep on it.

refining towards project completion


Once a design is chosen, we now work to refine it. We’re finalizing the artwork and creating the final layouts, ensuring colour and fonts and images are all perfect. To make sure we’re getting it right, we do ask for your input along the way. We will then present the final project to you in its entirety for your approval.


approval & delivering the deliverables

When we receive final approval, we can seek quotes regarding printing and can work with the printer to ensure they receive print-ready files for your project. We will then send you all relevant design files for your records.


next steps...

Upon completion of the project, we’d like to sit down with you and ask where can we go from here? What can we do next to continue to build your brand into a marketing success? Moving forward, we’d like to be one of your go-to service providers.

What we know to be true:

• Each and every business is unique regarding their goals, challenges and personalities.

• Design is absolutely important. But what's more important is brand   consistency, and the concepts behind the design.

• We are designers, but we’re also concept people.

Contact us now to talk about all your design ideas!

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