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Our Services

At The Winking Dog Design Company, we believe that good graphic design is concept-driven.

Truly successful design is more than just aesthetically pleasing; it reaches your target audience

and communicates to them exactly who you are and what you are all about. 


Why fit in - when you can stand out?


As multi-faceted graphic designers, we create consistent, recognizable and memorable print and digital design collateral for your business. We thrive on new challenges and on the amazing diversity of our clients and their projects. Because of the broad range of businesses we work with, we learn something

new every day, and who wouldn’t be passionate about that? Plus, we truly believe that design matters. 

Logo and Identity Design

If you are a new business or just need to refresh your existing logo and brand,

we can help. We'll work with you to determine your style and the direction you'd like to explore with regards to your brand identity. We will provide you with a complete package of logo files that you can use for a variety of different purposes moving forward. 

Business and Print Design

Printed brand materials remain a necessary component to any successful business. A brochure, a flyer or a business card is a take away and a reminder about you to your potential or existing customers. We offer versatile, fluid print design solutions that will reflect your brand perfectly and will continue to enhance your overall brand message.

Social Media and

Digital Design

Social media has become an important marketing vehicle for any business. 

We can support your social media efforts in a variety of ways. We can consult with you, train you, build you a social media calendar and design a set series of posts for you to use. Ask us about our social media packages.

Web Design

Website design has come a long way

in recent years in both usability and good looks. Using one of the CMS platforms that we work with, we can build you a new website. The end result will be an effective and useful tool for your business and an engaging representation of your brand. We can also help you make needed improvements or additions to your existing website. 


A well-defined voice accompanied by an appealing tone engages the reader and distinguishes you from your competitors. Good copy helps your audience get to know who you really are and, if they like you, they will buy in to what you’re selling. We can craft compelling, crisp copy to tell your unique story. Good design deserves good copy and you deserve both. Make every word count. 

Illustration and Infographics

An original illustration or an infographic can add value to your brand. If well-rendered, it can help clarify or explain information to your audience while also helping to further develop your brand's personality. Ask us to draw something for you! 

Our Process

Good ideas need a tried and true process to move them forward and bring them to fruition.



We want to learn as much about you and your business as we can. Forgive us ahead of time - we ask a lot of questions. We want to know what your goals are and your plans to get there. We want to hear your ideas and discuss the specific project that you had in mind.



We will create and share with you an achievable work-back schedule. This allows us to schedule all phases of your project from the end date (deadline) backwards and will assist us in keeping your project on track and moving forward.



We present to you the options we’ve come up with - we will explain our thinking and why we think each option has potential. Your first reactions are great - we want to hear them. However, it’s good to take away what we’ve presented, show your friends and family and sleep on it.



When we receive final approval, we can seek quotes regarding printing and can work with the printer to ensure they receive print-ready files for your project. We will then send you all relevant design files for your records.



We’ll review and define the parameters of your project and within 3 business days, provide you with a custom quote. Once you review, and, fingers crossed, approve, we’ll send you over a contract to sign that will explain the nitty-gritty.



Here’s where the real fun begins - we spend time researching your business and your marketplace to learn as much as we can. Then, we brainstorm to come up with ideas and concepts. From those, we will create ‘sketches’ of possible directions and we’ll refine those into some solid options to present to you.



Once a design is chosen, we now work to refine it. We’re finalizing the artwork and creating the final layouts, ensuring colour and fonts and images are all perfect. To make sure we’re getting it right, we do ask for your input along the way. We will then present the final project to you in its entirety for your approval.



Upon completion of the project, we’d like to sit down with you and ask where can we go from here? What can we do next to continue to build your brand into a marketing success? Moving forward, we’d like to be one of your go-to service providers.


Contact us now to talk about all your design ideas!

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